Fiber to the Premise (FTTP)


TC Wireless Fiber Internet is the simplest and fastest way to get online. Since broadband is an “always on” connection, you just click and go!

You’ll be able to download music and video at super fast speeds!

FTTP provides many benefits to TC Wireless customers including:

  • More Bandwith - Fiber has the capacity to transport virtually unlimited bandwidth capacity.
  • Greater Reliability - Fiber optic cables are less susceptible to glitches than traditional copper wires and can withstand the shock and vibration from inclement weather. TC Wireless's network is buried, not aerial for greater reliability and protection from storms of all kinds.
  • Future Flexibility - FTTP is considered "future proof" and offers the flexibility to deliver additional services in the years to come.
  • Cost efficiency - Fiber optic cable can be made for less than the equivalent length of copper wire and is more durable.

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